Ride in Style

Ride in Style

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The open road, the beautiful landscapes, the sound of the wind rushing past. The feeling of riding a motorcycle is truly unlike any other.

At J & B Boots, we think that a great ride deserves a great pair of boots. That’s why since 1978, we have provided high quality, American made motorcycle boots to people in Williamston, Saginaw and all over the state of Michigan. Whether you are riding a cruiser or a speed bike, we can set you up with the perfect pair of boots for your ride and your style.

Call or come by J & B Boots today, and ride away happy!

3 Things to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Boots

1.Safety. You'll need to ensure you have toe, ankle, shin and sole protection to keep your feet and lower legs safe as you ride.
2.Comfort. When your feet feel great as you shift and brake, it's a lot easier for you to focus on the road or the highway.
3.Performance. You are going to need shoes that provide more feel and control than standard sneakers can give you.

Our knowledgeable specialists will help you select the perfect pair of motorcycle boots for you.

We Offer Motorcycle Boots From the Following Brands:



Double H


Harley Davidson